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Rosalita Lawrence

Customer Service Director

I was born in Bangalore and at 13 years old moved to Hyderabad. After finishing school at 15, I taught in the same school. By 20 I was teaching English and Religion to High School students. I was very active in the Parent-Teacher Committees, The Parish Council, The Catholic Club, the Anglo-Indian Association, and Fund Raising Clubs, etc... When my husband Brian and I immigrated to Canada, we landed in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland where I was employed by The Board of Education and taught Special Education Classes for mentally challenged children. After two years of being faced with the snow and cold, we moved to Toronto, where Brian‘s family lived. Nine months later we were blessed with my only daughter, Giselle. I started my career working for the Provincial Government in various departments rising to senior management positions and took early retirement after twenty-five years of service. During this period in my life, I sought various paths of opportunity and founded the A-1 Club along with five other people. As President, we ran many dances and other social events for a large population within our community and are pleased to say that many of our current members attended those events. I also took up Wedding Planning and Decorating and started my own Travel Business. Then, there was a complete change in my life as when my daughter Giselle became a Doctor I began to manage the billings for all the Doctors in her Medical Centre. In August 2019, I was informed that The Anglo-Indian Association of Canada had an opening for a Director of Customer Service and I thought this would be a fun job and that is what it has turned out to be. I was appointed to this position and have met many of you at the community events, but definitely all of you through emails that I send out regularly for birthdays, anniversaries, obituaries, seasonal fun stuff, songs, Facebook interaction, and Zoom events. I have enjoyed my role with the Association since September 2019 and it has been a pleasure to continue to spend time with the members of the Anglo-Indian Association of Canada as your Customer Service Director.