Board Of Directors

The Board

Rodney D'Croix


Many of you in our Association know me as I was a founding member when we registered and formed The Anglo-Indian Association of Canada in June of 1996. In 2007, I was requested to Chair the Meet and Greet Event and Co-Chair the Concert for the World Anglo-Indian Reunion held in Toronto. Since then, I have been your Vice President and President in the years from 2008 till 2011. Since there were no nominations received for the Presidency In 2019, the President representing his Board of Directors emailed me on the eve of the closing date for nominations while I was vacationing in Goa, requesting I take on the role of President. I did. The last two years as your President and the workings of an excellent Board of Directors along with an amazing Team of Volunteers have made my tenure extremely gratifying. We have successfully launched Zoom and Facebook and have implemented Online Banking where you can e-transfer funds directly into the Association’s bank account. Through your generosity, we came together and raised $5,700.00 for the underprivileged Anglo-Indians in India. My first plan among many others, after being elected again, is to obtain a license for the Association from The Ontario Lottery Gaming Commission to play Bingo legally, and set up a registered charity under the banner of The Anglo-Indian Association of Canada to benefit tax relief. My focus has always been on you, the member, for us to gather and have functions for the elderly and the young and keep us bonded in unity. I have thoroughly enjoyed working for you as your President for two terms, and look forward to continuing to represent you in the Association.