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Child of the Raj

Hi Folks,

With reference to the book Child of the Raj just published Ronen was the child of a Bengali man married to an Australian woman in India , who was a direct descendent of the Victorian Novelist, William Harrison Ainsworth.He studied in St Xavier's college Calcutta and was a friend with Michael Emery at the same college. Michael was a neighbour of ours when we lived in Dinapore, thus we shared a mutual friend.

Ronen was a tea planter manager in the Jorhat area where I was initially resident in the tea industry, prior to his settling in the UK , he runs a limousine service and is involved in British politics. We reminisce our days in the tea plantations, the toils, luxury and social activity. Ron well remembers his Anglo Indian roots, fellow students, friends and colleagues and has praise for the community.

Many of us will no doubt relate to the book he has recently written and will probably find this a good read for just under a very affordable price for just under $7.00.

Please feel free to pass along to others who may be interested.

Keep well all.




Ronen Ghose was born in Patna Bihar, India during the turbulent closing years of British India. As a child, he witnessed the unpleasant consequences of Partition in East Bengal, now Bangladesh then East Pakistan, as well the wonderful friendship and assistance given to his family by Muslims in East Pakistan.

Child of the Raj covers a unique and fascinating period of British and Indian history, as seen through the eyes of someone who lived through it. From the twilight years of the British Raj and the blossoming freedom under Prime Minster Nehrv, the first Prime Minister of India, Child of the Raj is the ideal read for anyone interested in this exciting and often turbulent time in history. From Bengal, Calcutta in 1929 all the way up to present day India, this is not a book to miss.